20 very lively winter hats to knit

Can you knit a winter hat like this? Some of these are simple, others are complex. Any way you look at this you’re in for a real treat, knitting a hat like one of these.

Find yourself a good pattern and follow it and you may wind up with something as exotic as one of these winter hats.

These hats and more were displayed at ArchitecturenDesign.

1. Fox Cowl – to meet little red riding hood…

Fox Cowlsource

2. Viking Helmet – nice beard braids…

Viking Helmetsource

3. Cthulhu Ski Hat – just room for sunglasses…

Cthulhu Ski Hatsource

4. Brain Cap – brain exposed…

Brain Capsource

5. Totoro Hat

Totoro Hat


6. The Beholder Hat – eyes for everything…

The Beholder Hatsource

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