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Headswap your photos this way

If you take enough photos you know that some of one is good but part of it is just terrible. Here’s how to swap heads using a great tip I found at Craftsy where you can read more in detail. Shooting tips for successful head swapping Head swapping is the process of combining two or

Turning Your Hobby Into Business

Some people make beautiful things as a hobby and they don’t think to share it with others. I mean, sell their products! They could make two more people happy – themselves for making money (its a given that they are already happy because of their hobby) and those who buy their wares. Maybe they’re not

Make A Paper Airplane That Really Flies

How many paper airplanes have you made? And how many have ever flied well? That is always the challenge when you make a paper airplane. I mean, you’re not into it for much money. Just a little time. But still, you on an airplane that will go somewhere high up in the skies. Well, I

How To Write For Money

If you’re a writer you’re always a writer. But if no one reads your work you become a philosopher until someone finds your work years later. So why not make a little money with your writing hobby?