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Make these leather feather earrings

Leather feathers. These chic, dangly earrings from Gina Michele are masterpieces. What a great way to use up scraps of leather left over from other projects. But don’t just stop at earrings. Go on and make leather feather necklaces or even use them as decor! This idea was published at Gina-Michele where you can see

Make Stamped Jewelry

Here is a way you can make custom jewelry by adding a stamp kit to it. A novice jewelry maker can make amazing jewelry in no time by using stamps from Stampendous. This idea comes from Jamie at StampThis where you can read more about this idea.  

Make This Shamballa Macrame Bracelet

This tutorial will show you how to make a very cool Shamballa bracelet. You can be very creative once you get started. You can use beads, metal, plastic pieces — almost anything you can think of. The macrame touches everything off nicely. This tutorial comes from Sara where she demonstrates how to do it for