Tools articles

Turn a knife block into this craft block

Take an old knife block and turn it into a crayon holder. But not just crayons. Put brushes, scissors, almost anything you can think of to hold your tools. This is really becoming a craft block. If you don’t have an old knife block, go down to your local thrift store. They’ve got a ton

Make Crochet Handles From Clay

Wrap clay around the handles and make some designs like this, bake the handle until it hardens and you’ll have some useful and elegantly designed crochet hooks that work like a million bucks but only cost you a few cents.

Free Book Of Knots

Free at date of posting – don’t miss it! This is a knot-tying book that teaches you many knots you can learn very easily. It’s not only fun but very practical. Turn your knot skills into many projects that you’ll find need knots. There are many photos to help you learn these knots. Free Book