How to decorate for the Holidays

You can decorate in many ways for the Holidays. Here are some ideas I found written by Jack Holmes, Owner of Petals by Irenein St. Louis, MO, and published at HuffingtonPost where you can read more in detail.


How to decorate for the Holidays

This holiday season, there are many ways you can decorate the interior and exterior of your home. After being in the floral business for almost 30 years, we have a tip or two to share to make your home shine throughout the neighborhood.

For the Outdoors:

Starting with the exterior of your home, we suggest using packaged winter greenery to decorate your mailbox, lightpost, window boxes, porch railings, etc. Once your greenery is in place, accent it with lights and bows for a polished and completed look.

Did you know that most packaged greenery is stored in coolers for months before it is sold and used?

This causes it to shed its needles and dry up very quickly while in indoor temperatures. We say: avoid the mess. Fresh holiday greenery should stay outside where it belongs, with one exception–your Christmas tree!

For the Home:

We recommend using faux greenery. You might think that sounds like we’ve had too much eggnog, but these days you simply can’t tell the difference. The higher the quality, the longer it will last (for years!), and the better it will look. Your local florist or wholesaler will have a plethora of faux wreaths and garland to make your home the envy of the neighborhood. But don’t stop there. Dress them up with bows, pine cones, and faux red berries for an extra festive look.

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Image: Petals by Irene