How To Make An Eyeglass Case

Here’s how to make a small carrier for your glasses. Since I’m always hunting to find mine, at least they would be protected while they’re lost.

I found this great idea for making eyeglass cases at UHandbag where you can read more in detail.


How To Make An Eyeglass Case

This purse is great for keeping your sunglasses or your reading specs stylishly safe and dry.  I have used oil cloth which is great for durability, strength and keeping things dry. You can make the purse a shorter length if you don’t want to make an glass case.

Here’s how I put it together

Shopping List:

  • 1 x Modern Silver Curved Frame Sml.
  • 1 x Swivel Bolt Snap 3/8″
  • 0.5 yrd Dottie Oil Cloth in French Blue
  • 0.5 yrd lining fabric
  • 0.5 yrd Heavy Weight Sew-in Interlining
  • 1 yrd of 3/8″ wide pink gros grain ribbon
  • V. Strong Fabric Glue

1.  Make up your purse frame pattern part.1  The next two steps can apply to whatever non sew-on purse frame you happen to be using.  The main reason that patterns are not made for purse frames is because there are so many purse frame shapes!  This means we have to make our own patterns (ahhhhh!!)  Don’t worry; it’s quite easy…

Take your frame and draw around the outside (just the outside, not the inside) of it, also include the points where the hinges stop.  I can now design my pattern around the outline of the frame.

You will see that the angles of my pattern are quite a bit wider then the angles of my frame, this is because you want to create puffiness and body on the front of the purse (if you like, you can make the angles even wider. The wider the angle the more puffy your purse will be – trust me, it will work out!)

I have also added a 1cm seam allowance onto my desired shape – be sure to add on your desired seam allowance to your design.

Read more at UHandbag


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